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Build a product that people want the first time, or ditch it

Building a product nobody wants is an expensive hobby - it’s a costly mistake to not be honest with yourself about what you need to improve.

Our panel will give an impartial and honest view of your plan and idea; crash test it here, outside of the “family and friends bubble”.

I thought the feedback was genuinely excellent. Criticism is never nice to hear, but we only learn when we know our mistakes. After the feedback, we revised our deck and started getting more traction from investors.
Nihaal Khanna - Debtech

Nihaal Khanna
Founder of Debtech

Increase your chances of investment

Don’t waste an investment opportunity just to get feedback that you should have had already.

You get one shot (cue Hamilton music) to impress an investor who will give your presentation about 5 minutes of their time. Be ready for game time and let HonestOpinion give you that feedback the first investor would.

You’re awesome, thank you for the feedback, it provided excellent value and made us write the most solid investor deck we ever had! I feel more confident than ever, to be honest. This free service you offer makes me believe even more in humanity, thanks!
Ovidiu Cical - Cyscale

Ovidiu Cical
Founder Cyscale

What’s in it for us, you ask…

Our panel have all been there and they want to give a little something back, by reviewing for HonestOpinion.

At the end of the year the panel and Kanso.io will team up to produce an annual insights report, which you'll receive. The insights are not attributed to any individual submission.

All confidential information remains completely confidential. We will never divulge your secret sauce.

Thanks for running such a brilliant service! I have just gone through the feedback - really, really helpful. It’s a great idea and I will be sure to share it in my networks.
Sean Donnelly - Roundups

Sean Donnelly
Founder of Roundups