The HO Promise

Something you need to know...

We will never share your material outside of HonestOpinion, sell your data, use it for marketing or sales purposes, or store it beyond the time we need to give you our feedback and our opinion. You are in full control.

If you should ever need to get in touch, send us an email at: hello@honestopinion.io


Why should I listen to your opinion?

A good question. We provide a truly honest opinion, with no hidden agenda. Our panel consists of a seasoned team of CEOs, CTOs, angel investors, successful entrepreneurs, and product builders.

We’ve been building our own ventures for over 20 years now and supported hundreds of other people and teams. Collectively, we’ve created businesses with worth over $1B dollars.

It’s a very hard skill to look impartially on your idea and plan and make sure you are truly building something that people want, and doing so in the right way that saves you wasting money and your time. Friends and family will often tell you what you want to hear or you participate in a psychological principle called “Cognitive Bias”, where you listen to feedback from multiple sources but only “hear” and process the ones that fit your internal narrative about what you believe.

This often leads to a business going to market too early, or trying to build something that people don’t really want, or doing so with the wrong approach. Looking at the feedback objectively will lead to a realisation that the product isn’t right, or lead to the right product.


How is it free and what's in it for you?

We’re all part of a Startup Partnership called Kanso. Collectively, we’re tired of speaking to founders with great ideas but who have been let down by ineffective teams, lack of experience and knowledge, or poor decision making. Kanso exists because we genuinely want to remove the obstacles to let great ideas and great founders launch something that will make a difference.

Sometimes founders can see the true intent and value in what we do, which often leads to strong professional working relationships with Kanso to build out the business idea or project they have.

We don’t expect this though, and we certainly don’t push any sales or marketing spam - that’s not what we’re about. Taking our feedback and continuing on your own is perfectly fine too.


How do I know you’ll keep everything confidential and not try and steal my idea?

We take this very seriously and any idea, plan, or presentation that you send to us, is treated with the utmost confidentiality. We never share anything outside of HonestOpinion without your explicit consent. We store files only temporarily while we’re providing advice or an opinion, and we delete everything after our communication with you has reached its conclusion.

As any successful founder or investor will tell you - the value is in the execution, not the idea. In fact, it’s pretty much the case that there are ten people who have had the same business idea as you at this precise moment in time - but only one of them will take the leap and execute it and seek the support they need.

We also believe firmly in maintaining our reputation and integrity above all else. This is vitally important in the sector we operate in and we would never do anything to jeopardize that. If we ever felt there was a conflict at any stage - we would immediately let you know and resolve it.


What should I send to you?

Think of us like a VC. We need enough to understand the key parts of your idea, plan, or business, but not so much that we lose interest. Mostly, that means a pitch deck.

We only accept PDF files - most presentations and decks can be exported as PDF and keeps our services secure.

Please no napkin drawings though - while they’re great, they don’t give us much to work with and you’ll get a simple rejection note. It’s polite, but not what you want.

Just remember - PDFs only.


I haven't received my feedback yet. Where is it?

Our panel aim to review your submission within the wait time you would have seen on your submission form.

In the unlikely event that you have waited longer, please be patient.

Remember that this is a free service and the HO panel review in their spare time. It will hopefully be worth the wait.


I don’t really like feedback, my idea is awesome enough.

That’s perfectly fine.

Feedback is always good though and even successful teams encourage an environment where constructive feedback is freely shared.